Pads and Panties Project

July 24 is approaching very fast. 2015 free medical camp will be here before we know it and there is still a lot to be done. Even though providing free treatment is the heart of this initiative, I also run side projects depending on the needs that I see. For the last 3 years, I have seen a need that I cannot neglect or assume I didn’t see.

Many girls like me can attest to the fact that sanitary pads are very expensive considering it is a monthly expenditure. There is a shame and disgrace that comes with situations where a girl has to miss school several days a month because of her monthly cycle and the lack of necessary items needed for that time. It is not just girls, but also women who have not reached menopause that are affected. Also, post-partum needs for a woman are highly disregarded. These new mothers or experienced mothers also need sanitary pads for a couple days. It might seem like a minute problem or insignificant but it is very important. The alternative methods of dealing with monthly cycles and post-partum bleeding are unsafe and put these ladies at high risk for multiple infections.

My way of dealing with this the last 2 years was to take suitcases filled with pads and panties and distribute them to the girls and women. However, this was a band-aid solution until I could figure something different.

So, here is the solution. Days for Girls, an organization here in the U.S came up with recycable pads. Sounds gross but it is NOT. It is safe, clean and economical. I just received my first box of starter kits which will be used as a teaching tool to teach young girls and women how to make their own pads. 20150524_141720

I need sewing machines. If anyone is willing to donate. I want to set up a room where women and girls can come and learn how to make their own pads.Thank God for the blessing of a mother who is a seamstress (tailor) by profession and can teach the ladies how to make them. Each kit contains a drawstring bag; 2 panties; 8 absorbent trifold pads; 2 ziplocks; 2 moisture barrier shields; 1 wash cloth and 1 travel size soap.Screenshot_2015-05-30-11-05-12-1

The idea is to teach the girls and women how to make these pads and they can in turn teach their daughters, sisters, cousins e.t.c .For now I am supplying the materials needed for the project but I would be delighted to have anyone support this project by donating money to buy the fabric, moisture barrier shields, wash cloths, panties and sewing machines! 20150524_14174420150524_14180820150524_142007

I am excited to start this project in Kenya this July and then in Congo where I also serve with Mwangaza International. Please consider donating not only to this but also to the medical camp. I am truly grateful for the support I have received so far. Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

Partnering With You,


#blessedtobeablessing #kenyamission2015

Hands and Feet

I have a fire burning in my heart. My heart bleeds for the many I have seen who need medical care but have no means to access it. That said, I have a dream. It’s BIG….BIGGER than the medical camps. (I will share the dream soon) However, as I labor to see that dream come true, I will do my best right now. My best is to provide free medical camps when I can with the resources that are placed in my hands. This year, I’m expecting to be better and more efficient. I have learned so much from the past 2 medical camps.

God has blessed me. I most definitely don’t deserve the blessings, but because He has freely given to me, so i freely give to others. This is my way of giving. Yours could be different. Whatever the case, re-gift your blessing and watch it multiply. Watch God get the glory.

If you want to join me, please consider donating to this mission at

My desire is to be emptied of myself and be the hands and feet of Christ. Would you join me?

Partnering With You,


Living in the Overflow!



To those who follow my blog or know me personally, you know that sometimes my body decides to reset itself through random syncopal episodes. These have happened since I was a little girl. Thank God there has always been someone close who could help me.
This past week on Tuesday, it was yet another day in the ICU. I went to work that morning but my body decided it was time for a reset. So, I fainted in the patients room. After I regained consciousness, the nurse who was there with me said I had hit my head pretty hard on the floor. I took a pain pill for the headache that followed and went to our break room where I waited for my mom…my amazing host mom (Darlene) to come take me home since I was not fit to drive myself. Lou, my host dad stayed home with me to keep an eye on me just in case I needed to seek medical care ASAP. Let me pause and just say how grateful I am to have host parents here in Fargo, ND who care for me like their own child. Thanks mom n dad!! #eternallygrateful

darlene            daddy lou
To cut the story short, the headaches did not go away. Went to get checked and yes you guessed it, I had a concussion. Before you start worrying, I AM OK. I mean, after years of this happening I have become very hard headed….literally….haha (feel free to laugh…its funny)
Part of the recovery process is plenty of rest. So the rest of the week, I rested.
Since my move to Fargo, God has really blessed me with friends who are just darling and couples who treat me like their own. This past weekend, one of the couples, Randy and Margo, invited me to go with them to their Lake Cabin. Of course I said yes…..something new and adventurous. Pictures won’t do that cabin any justice. I felt like I was at a resort. Their warm welcome and hospitality complimented everything else.
The temperatures were below freezing. As bad as -15 degrees F. Of course I would stay inside and drink tea right?  WRONG!!! We got bundled up, and went snowshoeing in the woods. YES, THIS AFRICAN GIRL WENT SNOWSHOEING in below zero degrees weather. Funny thing is, I was actually pretty hot….i was very well insulated. The lake was frozen and so we went to walk on it. Now I can say I have walked on water!! #thankUJesus hahaha
I had a great time relaxing and resting-per doctors orders. Grateful is definitely an understatement. Like the song writer said, ” I’m blessed, i’m blessed. Blessed to be a blessing. I’m blessed, I’m blessed, living in the overflow.” This time of rest allowed me to be still and soak in the blessings of God. May God bless these amazing angels who have taken it upon themselves to love and care for me. #imsuchablessedgirl

Good and Faithful Servant…

The silence has been loud (My apologies). Many things have transpired. So many that i would have to share in another blog. Today I want to honor a man whom many of my readers would know a lil something about. I have bragged on him many times. He is a true example of a life well lived in service to God and people. You see, a year ago today, heaven gained a treasure. This man, couldn’t have been a better grandfather. He was the best. He gave his all. Although I miss him terribly, his life and legacy lives on through his children, grandchildren, great grand…. Your impact is still palpable.

I did not share any pictures from the moments leading to his Life Celebration,  but as I was going through them today, I decided to share some of them. The joy in his children, grand kids, great grand kids etc….is because we rest assured he is with his creator. I can only imagine the reception he received, “Welcome home, my good and faithful servant”.

His life celebration/burial was one unlike others. TOTALLY unlike any I have seen before!  I knew my grandfather impacted many lives, BUT that day, it was a major confirmation that it was more than I ever thought.

Today I choose to honor him, and celebrate his life and legacy. Rest in Christ guka (grandpa).

Much Love,

Wanjiru Wamakara


Neema-M #actNOWmission2014

In one month, I will be doing another free medical camp in Kenya. This is my joy and passion-bringing hope to others while doing what I love to do.

Please join me and make this a reality.

In Memory of my Grandpa: Elijah Karagu Nathan #actNOWmission2014

MARCH 31…Keeping The Promise…







In the summer of 2012, I organized a free medical camp in my hometown of Nakuru, Kenya. More than 2,500 people received free medical treatment. To me, that was a realization of a dream that I had. Being of service to others brings me joy and I cannot imagine not doing that again.

Before I left Kenya that summer, my grandpa took me aside and we had a long conversation about the need to have a free medical camp in his hometown of Kariua, Murang’a. I promised him to take the next medical camp there and as soon as I got back to the u.s, I started planning for it.

It was his dream and desire for me to do that. This he reminded me many times before he passed on earlier this year.

Today, March 31st, 2014, my grandpa would be 90yrs old. As I celebrate his life, I am reminded of the promise I made to him, of which I intend to keep. To do this, I will need your help.

I announced last year that in July of this year, there will be another free medical camp in Murang’a and Nakuru. Like you can imagine, this takes a lot of planning and resources.

I am grateful for all of you who partnered with me before. Many lives were changed. I pray that you will consider partnering with me again this year. Here is how you can help:

a)Pray for this Medical Mission

b)Talk about it. Spread the word!  I’m still in search of nurses, doctors and volunteers to accompany me.

c) Donate ….donate…donate… We need funds to make this a reality. Please go to and DONATE.

If you are interested in joining the team. Please send an email to



THANK YOU and GOD BLESS. #actNOWmission2014

Partnering With You,

Grace Mbuthia.